The new trend of the contemporary luxury hotels is to highlight the bathroom, in order to make it wider, brighter, more comfortable, simply wonderful.

The luxury hotel’s guest has become wiser and sophisticated, s/he looks for a warm, comfortable and bright place, like everyone’s home, where the bathroom and the bedroom compete for playing the “domestic-comfort” leading role. At the same time, bathroom and bedroom are getting closer, almost melding each other like in ancient times, when only sanitary were separated to the rest. Shower boxes, tanks and washbasins take part of an open-space room, simply divided by crystal walls with matte surface. This new trend is developing throughout Europe, from Spain to France to Italy. Apart from the bathroom, Spas and luxury Hotels request design, flexibility, great creativity and absolute quality. Arte Group srls suggests acrylic surfaces with various depth and templates, in order to satisfy the modern architechtural design’s needs.